Gauthier Leblanc

Rys Vodoy - Retrospective

  • Engine – Unity
  • Platform – PC
  • Context – First-year final project
  • Group size – 6 (3 game designers, 3 game artist)
  • Deadline – 1 month
  • Type – Escape Game / Puzzle
  • Game mode – Solo

Rys’ Vodoy is an escape game in a Russian submarine in which there are puzzles and objects search.

What I Did:

  • Project Management
  • Management tool creation
  • Weekly meeting setup
  • Use of the Agile method
  • Participation in brainstorming and proposal force on game design

For this project, I was in charge of monitoring the progress of the project, making sure to be on time and that the constraints were respected.

To be able to handle it all, I created a management tool for my team.

Thanks to it, I was able to :

  • Have a general view of the progress of the project
  • Manage and update the schedules
  • Manage backlog
  • Have the ways of communication between the persons
  • Be aware of milestones to complete

This tool served as a basis for the creation of our Project Management Software, a more advanced tool, which you can find here.

In addition to my tool, I used Trello so that my teammates can access their tasks easily and this tool is still more visual than a schedule in Excel.


Thanks to this second tool, we could see the progress of each.

How did we work with it?
The table was separated into 4 main columns :

The first “To do” was listed all the tasks to be performed and estimated by each. Each task had assigned members, a tasklist checked at each step and a time.

The second “In progress” where everyone put the task on which they were working and ticked in the tasklist the sub-tasks which they had carried out as they progressed.

The third “To Validate” served as it indicates, to validate the work to be carried out, if the task was validated by the lead concerned, it passed into the last column “Validate” otherwise it returned to “In progress”.

Thanks to that, I had a global view of the progress of the project and I could complete my first tool to know the progress as accurately as possible.

What I learned:

  • The importance of having tools for management
  • Communication is essential
  • Fix comprehension problems as quickly as possible
  • To have an action plan to know where to go from A to Z
  • Being able to reassure team members about the speed of progress of the project is important