Gauthier Leblanc

Project Management Software - Retrospective

  • Sofware – Excel and Google Sheets
  • Context – Personal project
  • Groupe size – 3
  • Deadline – 2 weeks
  • Type – Project Management tool for multi-projects

PMS is a Project Management tool product in 2019. It is designed to help people in their team management with this easy-to-use-tool.

To create this tool, we asked ourselves some questions, especially about what is most relevant to highlight in a project and what helps to progress.

It took us a few weeks to have a simple and ergonomic tool, responding to all the constraints we had given ourselves.

What I Did:

  • The Dashboard
  • Sprint sheet
  • Mood Meter
  • The entire VBA programming of the tool

PMS has been adapted during my second year by myselft on Google Sheets, this allows all the people of the project to have an eye on the schedules, the current and futures goals.

In addition compared to excel, everyone has the same version updated and facilitates communication between members of the group.


The dashboard is used to have an overview of the project, in particular:

  • The time remaining
  • The general progress of the project via the completed tasks
  • The mood meter
  • The difficulty of the project

Thanks to this, we can see the general progress of the project. We can know if the time is respected according to the milestones allocated, or not. The mood meter can help to understand problems in the project, notably between team members and meetings can be organized to resolve this. Finally, the difficulty of the project helps us to plan more or less loaded sprints and to adapt.

Sprint Sheet:

This sheet is used in particular to save time by generating the tables procedurally to complete them more quickly. The things that can be fulfilled are:

  • Users-stories / Sprint goals
  • The priorities
  • Whether the objectives are met or not
  • Start and end dates

Mood Meter:

As explained above, the mood meter is used to know if the team is comfortable in its work and its environment. Thanks to this we can adapt certain things and succeed in solving problems beforehand. At the end of each day, the team members fill their daily boxes with a green, orange or red smiley. This allows to know the state of mind of the team which is not always easy to know.

What I learned:

  • Matching multiple constraints is not easy
  •  Excel is a good software to create this kind of project management tool
  • This project helped me to know which features are important to have on this kind of tool
  • Having a tool adaptable to the type of project is essential