Gauthier Leblanc

Expand - Retrospective

  • Engine – Unity

  • Platform – PC – VR (HTC)

  • Context – Schoolwork (2nd year)

  • Group size – 7 (1 Project Manager, 1 Programmer, 2 Game Designers / Level designer, 1 2D Artist, 2 3D Artist)

  • Deadline – 3 weeks

  • Type – Puzzle game

  • Game mode – Solo

Expand is a puzzle game in a dirigible in which there are puzzles and objects search.

What I Did:

  • Project Management
    • Connection between client and developper
    • Establish sprints
    • Milestones management
    • Technology research (VR)
  • Game mechanics 
    • Design several puzzles

During this project, we had the opportunity to work on virtual reality. It was also the biggest danger of this project because nobody had developed a game on this platform. We therefore had to add time to each feature to be developed so that the team could adapt to VR tools

Because it was a short project, we did not put in place a complex management tool and we used the tool that we created, PMS.

This tool is very useful for this type of short project. You can find the functions and how we use this tool here.

What I learned:

  •  Adapt to the platform you are working on
  •  Make concessions when the project has to be reduced
  • Establish the wishes desired by the client
  •  Organize playlists to find out if the game is understandable