Gauthier Leblanc

Elementals - Retrospective

  • Engine – Unity
  • Platform – PC
  • Context – Second year final project
  • Group size – 6( 3 game designers,
    2 2D artist, 1 3D artist)
  • Deadline – 2 months
  • Type – Fight game
  • Game mode – Multiplayer

Elementals is a fight game 1 vs 1, the goal is to destroy the enemy Golem, but before you can do it you will have to gain ground on your enemies by destroying their totems and building your own.
If after 10 minutes, people have not managed to kill the enemy Golem, the 2 get up and compete in the center of the map with the players. The last one alive has won.

What I Did:

  • Project management
    • Connection between client and developper
    • Establish sprints
    • Milestones management
    • Tool management (Click Up)
  • Game mechanics

Schedules and sprints on ClickUp:

  • During this project I used ClickUp to create the project backlog as well as to establish the sprints. This tool is very practical because it is very visual and easy to handle, the people in the group also had the possibility of having the application on the phone to check the progress and what they still had to do.

Some problems:

During this project, some important problems arose. The first one that quickly manifested was the absenteeism of our programmer, I first saw with other people in the group if they could program some features to reduce the workload of the absent person. After a few days, we were wasting too much time trying to do something correctly. So I went to see a programmer from another group and we did an exchange, as our game artist team was very productive, instead from the programming of features, we exchanged graph assets to help the other group.


We also had a problem with motivation due to the length of some sprints. I managed to quickly detect the reason which was that people did not feel the progress of the project. So I reduced the sprints into several small with more regular milestones in order to have a regular rendering and content to show.

What I learned:

  • Manage problems in an emergency and do not hesitate to contact people to help us

  • Having regular contact with the client is important

  • Listening to the project people and their feelings to adapt the work of the team so that they feel good